Books in my TBR Pile from Filipino Diaspora Authors

As I am burning out from delivering fresh content in my blog (🥺), I had this little idea about promoting books from Filipino diaspora authors I’m looking forward to read. I think that it’s great to share my thoughts about each and one of these, since October is Filipino American History Month.

For what seems to be the longest time, I’m still in high hopes that I can read [nearly] all of these recommendations. Please bear with me, since I’m just new in this community, and most of these books are still in my to-read list.*

Any Day with You by Mae Respicio – Stories with grandparents involved are always greatly written, and greatly told too. Amidst not meeting my [mother side] grandfather, I was still filled with his characteristics that my titas and titos always say to me, and I think that this book will solidly remind me of him.

Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly – If you’ve been a follower of mine ever since, you’d be wondering that I’m an avid hoe for Middle Grade Fantasy. Did you say a book heavily inspired by Filipino folklore? Great quests and evil villains? Count me in!

Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay – As evidenced by the current drug war administration, this book immediately caught my attention. With the recommendations of my favorite people in this community, and its powerful message, I’m literally super excited to be messed up by this book—in the best way possible.

Private Lessons by Cynthia Salaysay – I’m a little bit nervous to pick this book up, regarding issues tackled within this book. As I’m still procrastinating if I’m going to dive into this book, I’m sure that there is an intended audience for it. *Content Warnings: on-page rape of a minor; graphic sex scenes; underage smoking and drinking; and cancer (These were taken from Shealea’s wonderful recommendation list.)

The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi – I’m hearing few things about this book, but I do believe it has its own great story. Good thing is its sequel The Silvered Serpents recently released, and I’m super excited to get my hands into it!

Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles – I came in for the circus factor. To wrap up all of my feelings about this book, I love that it caters romance, magic, and gender inequality all rolled into one, I’m sure that it just proved that Where Dreams Descend is hardhitting of a debut. (And have you seen the cover for its sequel?!?)

Everlasting Nora by Marie Miranda Cruz – This book reminds me of an episode that I watched, also set in Manila North Cemetery. The volume of braveness, and exploration of such themes make this book a simple yet powerful book.

How to Make Friends with the Sea by Tanya Guerrero – This book’s premise sounds too complicated, to consider that a 12 year-old encounter the divorce of his parents. But I’ll not make my judgement at this point, until I already read it and will be giving a clear and efficient review about this book soon.

The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart by R. Zamora Linmark – Looking at this cover, I already had a gut feel that it will include a bunch of haikus, and I was right. Plus it is perfect for fans of Adam Silvera and Elizabeth Acevedo, so I’m pretty sure am going to like it!

Tall Story by Candy Gourlay – This is a story that I can relate to much. I’m undeniably a shorter guy often compared to others, and I feel how the character does in this book. With stakes on being a hero in your own little way, miracles, and a great story to be told by Bernardo, Tall Story isn’t your typical tall story.

And that is it for this recommendation list! I’m proud to be a Filipino with these great works from some of Filipino diaspora authors, and with heartwrenching stories that lie within them.

I do hope that you are also very excited for these books, and if you want more of these, I recommend checking out this list by the wonderful Shealea!

I’d be honored to hear from you!

🧡 What are some of your favorite books from Filipino diaspora authors? Are there any on this list you want to read, or books you’d like to recommend checking out?

🧡 Do you celebrate Filipino American History Month? I celebrate it by reading books from Filipino diaspora authors within the month; or potentially interviewing few authors [and maybe content creators]!

🧡 Who is your favorite Filipino diaspora author? I honestly can’t choose whom because all of them has a great perspective.

4 thoughts on “Books in my TBR Pile from Filipino Diaspora Authors

  1. I’ve been wanting to read so many of these! I really want to read The Patron Saints of Nothing (I heard it’s really good), The Gilded Wolves (late to this as usual), and Where Dreams Descend (ahh circus magic 🥺). I hope you get to read all of them!

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